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Tribal Union of Journalists FATA (TUJ) are the representative body of the Tribal journalists from all Seven Tribal Agencies and its adjacent Six Frontier Regions (FRs). Establishment of TUJ under the leadership of veteran journalists Sailab Mehsud was formally announced on 15th June 1987 ......... more

Vision & Mision

Tribal Union of Journalists (TUJ) is serving for Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Movement and Access to Information for tribal journalists and civil society. TUJ believes in the true representation and empowerment of local tribes in building up a democratic, justice and modern society in FATA ........... more

Our Programs

In the capacity of a pioneering journalistic body of the tribal areas, TUJ has vigorously worked for the promotion of journalism among tribal people, and has undertaken committed efforts for protecting the rights of tribal journalists. Since 1987, TUJ has increased its membership to more than ......... more.

Future Activities

Capacity building of tribal journalists in the field of “Press for Peace, Harmony and satiability in the region”.Play a leading role by the tribal journalists in this regard to write for peace and harmony. Series of training workshops should organized for tribal journalists in each tribal agency and in FRs........more

Welcome to Tribal Union of Journalists FATA

image Journalism in FATA : History shows that the Political Administration in FATA tried its best to stop Tribal journalists from showing the real suffering and on ground realities of the Tribal People to the outside world. in the process, they went to the extent of putting some journalists behind bars under the notorious collective Territorial Responsibility clause of the Frontier Crimes Regulation [ FCR, 1901.] like dictatorial governments, the administration did not even tolerate constructive criticism of the Tribal System and went to............. more


Join the Tribal Union of Journalists FATA 2013 New Official Facebook ID facebookClick here*****

The journalists especially FATA is facing troubles in their duty line. The Govt should took the positive steps towards the safety and settlement of tribal journalists issues. President Nasir Khan Mohmand. *****

TUJ FATA is condemn the killing of our senior journalist Malik Mumtaz Shaheed by the unknown militants. General Secretary Mehboob shah Afridi *****

The Senior journalist and the member of Tribal Union of Journalists FATA has been martyred by some unknown militants. No one claim for the incident. TUJ FATA *****

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor, Engineer Shaukat Ullah Administering Oath to the newly elected Office bearers of TUJ at Governor's house,peshawar on 22nd february 2013, President Nasir Khan mohmand and general Secretary mehboob shah Afridi thanked and appreciate the positive step towards TUJ FATA. *****

TUJ is the only media organization in FATA that has struggled for the protection of the journalist’s rights in an area where press laws do not exist. ( Nasir Mohmand TUJ President ) *****

" TUJ Election 2013 Result " ----- Nasir Mohmand was Elected new President of TUJ, Mehboob Shah Afridi General Secretory, Senior Vice president Wali Khan Shinwari, Vice President Haji Naeem Ullah Khan, Joint Secretory Hussain Ahmad, Finance Secretory Mushtaram Khan and Press Secretory Muhammad Saleem. *****

Good News... The FES gives it's highest Human Rights Award to the Tribal Union of Journalists, FATA. The award ceremony was held in Berlin Germany. more......****

Flood damaged the Computer lab, President Office, Genral Secretary Office, Admin Office and Seminar Hall and other gadgets of The Tribal Union of Journalists FATA more......****

Tribal Union of Journalists FATA (TUJ) condemn attack on Malala Yousafzai 14 Oct 2012.****

Mr. Sailaab Mehsud and the recently martyred journalist member Shaheed Mukaram Khan Atif have choosed for the Burk Awards by BBG Washington, D.C., July 18, 2012 *****

**** ٹی یو جےکو سال 2012 کا انسانی حقوق کااعلیٰ ترین ايوارڈ ملنےپرشہید قبائلی صحافیوں کی قربانیوں کو سلام اور ٹی یو جے ارکان کو مبارکباد more****